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About Us

The Cheese Saver was invented by me, Chris, a Cheese Monger (that is what cheese experts like to call each other) based in Dallas, TX. 

After working for years in the cheese business, I was asked hundreds of times how to keep the cheese fresh that the customer was spending $20 - $30 on.  So, I travelled to France and Italy with my wife, met with other cheese experts and we discussed the ideal conditions to preserve fine cheese.

From this research came the Cheese Saver.  A cheese storage container that mirrors the cave storage conditions of much of France and allows cheese to be kept at home until you are ready to eat it.

The Cheese Saver is sold through fine cheese shops throughout North America and sold through this website.

The Cheese Saver is an invention of, and a division of Flavors of Europe.

About Flavors of Europe:

Through our consultants and our partners, Flavors of Europe links businesses to their customers, one bite at a time.




"Flavors of Europe's work is on the leading edge of customer research." - Owner of an Organic Grower

"Their (Flavors of Europe's) Consultants are insightful and creative and understand what it takes for a restaurant to be successful." - Owner, Dallas area restaurant.