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Proper Cheese Storage

Cheese lives - it needs proper storage.  It ages, it breathes and it can die.  So to take care of cheese, you need to give it access to oxygen and the right temperature.

Age of Cheese

Age itself has less to do with time and more to do with the storage conditions.  Most caves where cheese is aged are in excess of 80% humidity and at about 55 degrees temperature (similar to aging conditions for fine wine).

The CheeseSaver keeps cheese at 95% humidity, just like the caves in Europe.

The 1950's Way

Saran Wrap was first marketed in 1949 and became commonly used in the 1950's.  Everything was wrapped to keep it fresh.  Now, 60 years later, we are just starting to move away from plastic wrap because of how it  entombs food.

Give me Air!

Cheese needs air to mature and if you cut off the air supply it will start to smell like ammonia in a week or so.

Keeping Cool

The lower the temperature, the slower the aging process.  Now this can go to far if you reach the freezing point.  Freezing ruins fine cheese because it creates tiny ice crystals inside the cheese.

Proper Cheese Storage

The best cheese storage is in a humid environment that has access to air and a cool temperature.  Your refrigerator has the right temperature, all you need to add is the humidity system.

The Cheese Saver

The unique humidor system of the Cheese Saver keeps your fine cheese in a 95% humidity environment, identical to the cheese storage containers used by the cheese makers when they store and age fine cheese.  This high humidity system is what keeps your cheese fresh and moist.

Choose a Regular Size for only $23.99 plus shipping and tax or choose a Large Size, which holds double the amount, for only $34.99 plus shipping and tax:.

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Cheese Saver Comments

 "Amazing long life"

"I can keep my cheese fresh for weeks!"

"Loved my first one so much I'm ordering them as gifts for my friends"