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Cheese Bags


Cheese bags are a newer product that attempt to address the problem of cheese needing air to stay fresh.  The cheese bags let in air and they try to keep moisture from leaving the bag.  They work better than plastic wrap, but in they still do not add any moisture so every time you open the bag, the moisture in the cheese is reduced in order to equalize the moisture needed in the air.


As you can see from our experiment, cheese bags are about the same as cheese paper and in just a few weeks, both storage methods end up with cheese you wouldn't eat.


Only by adding a humidifier like the one in the cheese saver can you add enough moisture to duplicate the cheese storage methods found when the producers aged their cheese.






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Cheese Saver Comments

 "Amazing long life"

"I can keep my cheese fresh for weeks!"

"Loved my first one so much I'm ordering them as gifts for my friends"

"I recently purchased the cheese saver and am very impressed I want to send it to a couple of friends in different places."