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Cheese Paper vs. Cheese Container


Cheese paper is a special paper made to store cheese for short periods.  The best kinds use a semi-permeable wax coated paper that allows oxygen to flow to the cheese.  The cheaper varieties use a plastic inner lining that blocks all airflow and is no better than plain plastic wrap.



The basic issue with cheese paper is that it fails to add moisture to the environment around the cheese.  The average humidity of a home refrigerator is 40-60%.  Cheese needs to stay at 90-95% in order to avoid drying. 


Cheese paper works well in retail stores because the cheese is constantly being cut and used.  However, having sold fine cheese for years, I can tell you that some cheeses dry out within only a few hours when left in cheese paper.  High moisture cheeses like young cheddars are especially likely to crack within 6-8 hours.


Even the best cheese papers cannot stop cheese from drying out.  Only the Cheese Saver, with the humidifier built in, can keep the proper humidity and oxygen balance.



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Cheese Saver Comments

 "Amazing long life"

"I can keep my cheese fresh for weeks!"

"Loved my first one so much I'm ordering them as gifts for my friends"

"I recently purchased the cheese saver and am very impressed I want to send it to a couple of friends in different places."